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Current categories:

10 Privacy policy and terms (3) - Our company privacy policy

11 Additional services (6) - Additional information and questions.

1 Hosting (17) - Introduction topics; What is hosting? What is shared web hosting? Using FTP, PHP, MySQL etc.

2 E-mails (9) - Basic setup, adding users, fighting spam, limits and possibilities.

3 Domains (7) - How domain sistem works? How to register your own domain, pricing, transfering your domain to us etc.

4 SSL Certificates (5) - What is SSL? Why use SSL? When SSL is a must? Pricing and main difference between SSL certificates.

5 Dedicated and VPS servers (5) - What is a VPS? What is a Dedicated Server? Benefits of VPS. How to setup your own VPS? What suites you best - Private or Dedicated servers.

6 Pricing and payment info (4) - Available payment methods, pricing and taxation, billing cycles, discounts.

7 Availability and security (4) - High availability of servers. Security best practices and advices.

8 Support (4) - Support and ticket system. Knowledge base and downloads. How to use live chat.

9 Tutorials (3) - Step-by-step information on setting up your own web site using popular Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal.

13 Зона клиента (0) - Всё про использование нашей панели управления

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